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Melaza, Cacao, Licor de Sandía

Cuerpo Untuoso
Tostado Medio

Origen Colombia
Región Caldas
Finca Chambanku
Variedad Castilla
Proceso Anaeróbico Natural
Productor Juan Felipe Restrepo
Altura 1600
SCA 86



Finca Chambaku is the new Restrepo family project, a 12 hectares farm inside Hacienda el Jardín, in Villamaría, Caldas. This farm has always been dedicated to the traditional coffee-growing, but it started to focus on growing new coffees, thanks to the exceptional terroir conditions. Juan Felipe Restrepo is the person in charge of the protocols and processes done on the farm, using organic compost and taking care of the processes they do after the harvest. They also built 3 layers greenhouse in order to improve their drying processes.

In order to get this coffee, the Restrepo family did a batch selection process, prioritising the coffee plant location in the farm, to make sure the plants meet the temperature and humidity requirements needed for the proper development of the sugars present in coffee. After picking the cherries, a floating process is made to remove the unripe cherries. Then, the coffee goes through 16 hours of aerobic fermentation in tanks filled with inoculum made with fermentations from past crops. The coffee is then moved to a greenhouse and dried in bed for 4 days, to remove most of the water and allow the last juices to exchange. After this phase is done, the coffee is dried for two days.





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